The desire to add ritual to our lives is something many of us feel strongly. A ritual is often thought of as something traditional and formal, however we believe a ritual is also something we can create to be relevant to our own lives. 

We believe that nature provides us with natural times to pause and invite these rituals into our lives. For thousands of years people have been doing the same and it appears to us that it is even more important now in our society, to reconnect to nature in this way, to attune our lives to the clocks within and the natural order that exists. O H  R I T U A L is our way to share this belief with others. 

Tonight is the harvest full moon, what could be your full moon ritual?
Could it be to light a candle, to diffuse some essential oils, to read some poetry, to go for a walk or get on your yoga mat, or maybe to switch off all screens or just to pause and be mindful for a moment.

"And if she faintly glimmers here, 
And paled is her light, 
Yet always in her proper sphere
She's mistress of the night."

Henry David Thoreau